Madame Butterfly 

Madame Butterfly

9月 01, 2015 · Madame Butterfly, World Tour

SANA Session 88
Japan around the year 1900:
A beautiful Geisha falls in love with an American naval officer. Despite all cultural differences, they are getting married and enjoy a brief time of sexual and sensual bliss.
But the distance inbetween their values and views proves too great for the connection to last, and finally, even a child cannot rescue their relationship.

Will this love story turn into tragedy?

Love and Passion, Trust and Treachery; the relation between the cultures and the sexes; those are timeless topics, as essential now and here as they were in Japan a century ago.

Sana Sakura, the beautiful and gifted performer that brought us thrilling entertainment with her shows about Japanese demons, goblins and super-cute Manga girls, is taking her audience away from everyday life – into lands and times unknown!

  • Length: 15 min
  • Stage requirements: minimum size 2x3x2.5m / table

Sana Sakura