Performer, Butoh Dancer, Artist

After spending years on the stage in many performances as an actress, she has been active as a Butoh dancer both in Japan and internationally.

Expressing her original world as a solo performer and dancer in more than 25 cities in 20 countries and still keeps going on.

From means of expression like theatre, installations, moving image, photography to symbolic genres like stage plays, dance and modeling, Sana is obsessed with “ephemeral in-the-moment” art activity that “does not lie” and is not imprisoned by limits of physical borders or language.

<Prise as model>

  • Asahi Camera Monochrome 3rd prize【Sana】
  • Asahi Camera Monochrome 4th prize【School Girl】
  • Asahi Camera Monochrome 3rd prize【Girlhood】
  • Asahi Camera Monochrome 5th prize【descend to the earth】
  • Asahi Camera Monochrome 5th prize【Overdose】
  • Asahi Camera Monochrome 3rd prize【Slave of the darkness】
  • Asahi Camera Combination 4th prize【Izayoi】
  • Asahi Camera Monochrome 5th prize【Strange Room】
  • Camera Monochrome the Gold award【Day-Tripper】
  • Nihon Camera Monochrome 1st prize of the year【Sanctuary】