Geisha FOX 

Geisha FOX

9月 01, 2015 · Geisha-Fox, World Tour

Once upon a time, when animals and humans co-existed in harmony, there lived a young kitsune fox. IMG_5293 - Version 2
This boy fox wanted to be closer to the humans and found out a beautiful Japanese robe.
He was tempted and couldn’t help wearing this robe. But this robe was a sacred robe only for priests.
He did not know that it was a sacred gown, only to be worn by priests. Only when he pretended to dance like one, the humans found out that he was not a priest, but a FOX!
They got really angry and started to chase him across the land.
He ran, ran and ran. But in the end, he was put into a corner, and there was nothing he could do – except using his magic…

Get swept away by her graceful and captivating performance, telling the charming story about the beauty and deceipt of the clever Japanese shapeshifting fox.

  • Length: 20 min
  • stage requirement: minimum size 2x3m-

Bring the magical moment to you!