9月 01, 2015 · Kawaii/Sexy!, World Tour


the Japanese dancer Sana Sakura will show you the two faces of a Japanese girl: Cute and seductive!

KAWAII is a Japanese word that means cute, sweet, pop-style, adorable, charming, lovely and pretty. It does not mean innocent, though.
A girlish face can deceive men and women alike!
Sana Sakura will bring the kawaii world of Japan onto this stage with her thrilling story of the sexy phantom thief charging her prey in the night,
Watch the mystery unfold and admire the cool and sexy underworld of Japan.
Before you realise what‘s going on, it will be over. She is gone and you better check your belongings quickly….

Enjoy the magical world of Kawaii Sexy! with Sana Sakura!!!

  • Length: 20 min
  • Stage requirements: minimum size 2x3m / chair

Kawaii, sexy and fun!